Special Event September 2017

The event starts with an Steve Jobs introduction and why the Theater has his name.

“We know that Steve love days like this, were we share new technology and ideas with the world”.

“We honoured him today and ever”.

The new campus will be open for visitors later this year, including the a new Apple Store inside.

Apple Watch Serie 3

Now includes cellular! With the iPhone’s number.

Yo can receive and make phone calls, send SMS and iMessages, check the map without been connected to your iPhone! Later this year will be available Apple Music Streaming over this particular cellular.

70% faster.

Siri now can talk in the new Apple Watch.



From $399 USD.

Pre-order 09.15 – Available 09.22

watch OS 4 will be available from 09.19

*The model with cellular is not available in all countries, check the full list here:



Apple TV

Apple TV 4K HDR.

2x CPU

4x GPU

(Movies in 4K HDR will have the same price as HD on iTunes, the HD movies you already purchase can be upgraded free of charge to 4K HDR)

Netflix 4K

Amazon Prime Video 4K (later this year)


iPhone 8

Glass design like iPhone 4 but stronger.

Retina Display with TrueTone (like the new iPad)

Full speaker sound.

A11 Bionic chip

Mayor upgrade on camera, texture of colours and noise cancellation in low-light conditions.

Record: 4K 60 fps – 1080p 240 fps (slow motion)

Standard wireless charging (Qi) (optional – you can also connect the normal lightning cable).

64 GB o 256 GB – From $699 USD, 8 Plus from $799 USD

Pre-order 09.15 – Available 09.22

iOS 11 will be available from 09.19


iPhone X

Edge to edge screen.

Super Retina Display 5.8″ – 2436 x 1125 – 458 ppi – Advanced OLED with more brightness, wide colour support and colour accuracy.

Double vertical camera like iPhone 8 Plus.

Face ID – This is the new replacement for Touch ID that with the new front sensors and lens can provide a secure way to unlock your phone. Face ID will work even if you change the way your dress, like if you are using glasses or a hat, even if you have bear and on low light conditions.

A11 Bionic chip as iPhone 8.

2 more hours of battery life than iPhone 7.

Optional wireless charging as iPhone 8.

Dust and water resistance.

64 GB o 256 GB – Desde $999 USD

Pre-order 10.27 – Available 11.03